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A new horizon: innovation in real estate development

The Tiburon Company focuses on the entrepreneurial development of unique real estate assets with innovative, environmentally sustainable, community focused, human-centric universal designs.

Tiburon was founded in 2022 by fourth-generation Erie County resident James (Jim) W. Murray.  Based in the lakefront community of Huron, Ohio, the Tiburon Company has been involved with real estate in California, Colorado, Florida, Ohio and other locations.


We are deeply committed to investing in and supporting our local community, fostering growth, and creating a positive impact for all residents.

Investors & Businesses

With an unwavering dedication, we consistently strive to optimize the utilization of distinctive real estate assets for the benefit of investors and businesses.

Homeowners & General Public

Unlocking the potential of unique real estate to cater to the needs and aspirations of homeowners and the broader public.


Tiburon 4-way test: quadruple bottom line system™

Tiburon Company LLC is one of the first B Corp social impact real estate organizations in the State of Ohio.

Jim W. Murray is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur and cross-sector leader who innovated the copyrighted Tiburon 4-way test: quadruple bottom line system. 


Tiburon Company LLC

Innovative Real Estate Assets

Tiburon Company is significantly involved in a number of innovative real estate assets in the City of Huron, Huron Township, Vermilion and other parts of Erie County, Ottawa county, across Ohio as well as other states in the U.S.A.

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Please reach out to us with any questions or inquiries or call (424)-TIBURON. We would be happy to answer your questions or setup a meeting with you.

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Gain insight into our current development initiatives by browsing through our collection of exciting and diverse projects, showcasing our latest innovative ventures.


Innovate to elevate

Tiburon Company LLC thoughtfully invests time, talent and treasure in unique real estate assets, strong leaders and innovative ideas. Tiburon brings patient capital, experienced consultants and advisors and an invaluable network of contacts.

Leveraging groundbreaking technologies and forward-looking design .

Transformative spaces that redefine the possibilities of modern living.


Leading the way

Tiburon Company LLC founder Jim W. Murray has focused on protecting our environment and the Great Lakes since he was a child. He majored in Environmental Geosciences with honors at Boston College.

Tiburon Company LLC attempts to balance sensible and gentle development with a priority of environmentally sustainable, green building technologies and renewable energy systems.

Dedicated to energy efficiency, innovative green building and supporting causes that protect the environment

Demonstrated lifelong passion for environmental preservation and protection.

local non-profits

Tiburon and its founders invest philanthropic capital and in-kind donations to a number of local nonprofit organizations, including:

Premier Real Estate Investment and Development

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